Wrigley Field



Wrigley Field wanted to enhance the overall guest experience in their suites by giving fans the power to charge their devices without ever missing a pitch. The PowerPuck® System was able to help them knock the project out of the park.

The PowerPuck Team worked with Wrigley Field engineers and facility managers to find and distribute power throughout the 100-plus year old ballpark while identifying key locations where power could be added to keep fans connected to the game while charging. The PowerPuck Team was then able to seamlessly install the PowerPuck System on Wrigley Field's terms.

"We were able to have the PowerPuck Team come in and come up with an implementation plan that allowed us to put this in place during the off days of the baseball season. Over a few weeks, we were able to get the entire system installed in all 68 suites."
- Carl Rice, Chicago Cubs Vice President of Wrigley Field Restoration and Expansion

The PowerPuck System is installed virtually out of sight and near windows in the CREE Lighting Club. In all other suites, the system can be found underneath outdoor drinking rails. It's simple to use, easy to maintain and each rail has enough power for 20 devices - so fans can keep charging while they cheer.

"Obviously our fans expect that they're going to have power to their phones and this was a sleek and seamless way to do it."
- Colin Faulkner, Chicago Cubs Vice President of Marketing & Sales

With the PowerPuck System in place, fans at Wrigley Field can charge their devices in comfort and stay connected without missing any action. See how the PowerPuck System can help your space Charge Forward.

Phones charging on outside table using PowerPuck Charging System

Chicago Cubs logo'ed PowerPuck Charger connected to PowerPuck Rail at Wrigley Field